How Bitter Biter Began

NRG Team Bitter Bitter New Product

How Bitter Biter Began

Well of course, we will blame the donkeys, they do it!

Notorious for chewing timber, our donkeys were constantly looking for a fence at the perfect height to nibble on. Not only does this look unattractive to us and a great nuisance, but it is also bad for their teeth and tummy’s. Now don’t get us wrong, part of a healthy donkey life is chewing branches on trees, we just need to steer them towards a more natural chewing object rather than treated timbers.


To achieve this objective, Boyce favoured a product that would dry clear and taste terrible. His idyllic product would not be a messy spray, it had to be non-toxic and non swabable. He had set himself quiet the ambitious target; I am sure we all agree.

Fast forward to today, after two years of trials and tribulations involving field tests and tastings, Boyce finally achieved his goal! NRG Bitter Biter actually stopped our donkeys in their chewing tracks.

Friends from near and far have been ‘chopping at the bit’ to use this new product stock now available.

We encourage you to try NEW NRG Bitter Biter and let us know what you think.

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