Dr Matt Redgewell

Dr Matt Redgewell

Position: Veterinary Consultant

Here at The NRG Team, we are very conscious about seeking professional guidance before we pass on tips and comments to horse owners seeking advice about NRG products. We are delighted to welcome Matt as our Consultant Vet.

Growing up in the Yarra Valley, Matt has a great affection for the region.

Attending University in Queensland, Matt met his future bride Andrea, also studying in the area of Veterinary Sciences. After University, they travelled abroad and Matt spent time working at Newmarket in the UK followed by 12 months near Stockholm in Sweden, near Andreas hometown. The newly married couple then decided it was time to return to Australia where they have settled in Seville to raise their young family and work closely with Equine and Livestock.

Offering a broad range of experience and a focused passion for horses, we are excited to have Matt on our Team.