Nathan Harvey

Nathan Harvey

Position: Special Olympics Dual Gold Medallist

Special Olympics Dual Gold Medallist

Nathan is a thirty-six-year-old, visually impaired, autistic young man, with a determined spirit to follow his heart and chase his dreams!

Living on a farm near Shepparton, Victoria, Nathan resides with his dedicated mum, Kim and Stepdad as well as his beloved horses.

Nathan is shortlisted for the ‘Berlin Special Olympics in 2023’, and he is currently ranked World Number One. He is currently training every day and determined to make the Australian Team. In 2019 Nathan represented Australia in dressage, winning two Gold Medals and a Bronze at the Abu Dhabi Special Olympics World Games. Nathan also competes FEI Para Equestrian Grade V, where he has won many National Titles riding his beautiful black Trakehener Warmblood Stallion, “Kiteroa Dominic”. This level is equivalent to Medium/Advanced EA open Dressage. Dom is now 19 years old and semi-retired at stud.

Nathan is now training his young Trakehener Mare, Gwarryen Adela, to also perform at this level, but in the meantime, this new combination will be competing Open Official Dressage until Adela reaches the level of Para Equestrian Grade V. Adela is proving herself to be quite flash and Nathan has high hopes for this lovely mare, especially after they won the State Special Olympic Dressage qualifier 2021 and now placing in the top ten of an Official Open Dressage Class.

The Special Olympics cater for people with Intellectual disabilities, providing a range of sports to train and compete from club level right through to the World Games, creating fabulous opportunities for those who dare to make their dreams come true!

Nathan has also been riding among able bodied dressage riders in EA Open Dressage for the past 20 years. He placed last many times, but the past few years he has been leaving his mark, winning at times, and placing in the top 5! This has been hard work for Nathan, who is driven by carving a path for others with disabilities, where they will be accepted and taken seriously as an athlete in the world of Open Sports.

We are very proud to be a part of The NRG Team. We believe in endorsement for products that not only make the horse look fabulous on the outside but are also good for them on the inside.

Nathan has always loved horses, he believes that horses are a gift from Heaven, helping us fill our life with beauty, love and loyalty. He has so many goals to bring to life, we look forward to sharing them with you.”

Nathan & Kim Harvey