New Improved NRG Noze Protection for Dogs

New Improved NRG Noze Protection for Dogs

We underestimated the overwhelming response from the canine industry and now understand there is a significant demand for our NRG Doggie Pink Noze.

Many horse owners have been using NRG Pink Noze on their dog’s noses and pink skin with no reports of any issues to date. However, on release of our initial batch of 90g Doggie Pink Noze, the small amount of zinc contained in the product triggered feedback from dog customers, with concerns about zinc being ingested by dogs.

Original research conducted by The NRG Team consultants showed that the amount of zinc possibly ingested was well below tolerance levels but to save concern and keep a necessary product on the shelves, we have replaced the Zinc with Titanium Dioxide, a safe product used in Australian dog feeds.

Safe and accepted as an important barrier cream for dogs’ noses, ears and exposed pink skin, NRG Doggie Pink Noze is a gentle, easy to apply barrier cream containing vitamin E.

Don’t forget, our NEW NRG Doggie No-Nots Detangler and conditioner now available.

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