New NRG Doggie Range

New NRG Doggie Range

Perhaps this may not come as a surprise for many of our NRG Horse Loving Friends.

Being a business  that does not stand idle, we always have ‘one ear to the ground’ and your many requests and enquiries in recent times have led us up the pathway of creating this exciting NEW NRG Doggie Range.

The NRG Team Doggie No-Nots

The ever-popular NRG No-Nots for horses was simply too heavy for our best friends coats and so Boyce began developing a formula to suit a lighter, finer coat. Teaming up with professional dog groomers around Australia, we trialed on long, short, curly, wiry, soft, thick, and thin haired pooches until we were totally happy with the results. Of course, we went straight to the source here, checking on many dog’s reactions to a variety of scents and smells.

Australian Dogs will be wagging their tails with pure delight as they now have a Doggie No-Nots ‘just for them’ with a gentle coconut fragrance and a light, non-greasy spray that will add shine and luster to their coats. Helping knots and tangles drop out with ease when grooming, you will be pleased at how much easier this chore will become using NRG Doggie No-Nots.

The NRG Team Doggie Pink Noze

You asked us about Pink Noze, “was it for dogs too?” Well, why should it always be just about horses? We have all heard this statement before, and perhaps the dogs in our family are asking the same question. So now, NRG have the answer, with Doggie Pink Noze in a 90g jar especially for the beloved canines and other small animals in your family.

Made in Australia for Aussie Summers, NRG’s Doggie barrier cream is soft and easy to apply. It will stay on for longer and being fragrance free, your pooch will not be offended by the smell.  Enhanced with Vitamin E, NRG Doggie Pink Noze is one product to keep on hand this summer.

Enjoy our NEW NRG Doggie Range

Boyce & Team

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