Dry or Cracked Hooves

Dry or Cracked Hooves

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Dry hooves are a warning sign that your horse has unhealthy hooves and likely poor nutrition. If left untreated, it is likely that cracks will begin to appear and open up into foot sores, abscesses, and hoof infections. Worse still, pieces of hoof can break off under impact which will result in months of hoof and leg rehabilitation.

Shoeing a horse with dry hooves is also extremely difficult with farriers often having trouble driving a nail or finding it very hard to trim, file or rasp the hoof.


NRG Stride Hoof Cream uses the same Stride formula but comes in a ‘No-Mess’ 500ml container with a new brush for easy application.

Always clean out feet.

Ensure to properly clean out the frog and sole area, checking soles for any bruising or stones caught in the frog area.

Brush Stride Hoof Dressing well into parts of the sole and especially the frog and heel.

This area is often overlooked.

Brush Stride Hoof Dressing over the hoof and the coronet band.

Please don’t forget the coronet band as this is the growth part of the hoof.