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Animal Liquid Sweet Feed

A natural choice for an all-round liquid supplement.

NRG Stockgain has been made in Australia for nearly 40 years and is popular in the equine, canine and other animal industries locally and overseas.

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Animal Liquid Sweet Feed

Key Benefits
• Packed with minerals, vitamins & electrolytes
• Help improve feed consumption and digestion
• Help improve water consumption and kidney health
• Reduces feed wastage
• Micro and macro minerals for rehydration
• Vitamins and salts for horse health
• Does NOT return a positive swab

A natural choice for an all-round liquid supplement. NRG Stockgain has been made in Australia for nearly 40 years and is popular in the equine, canine and other animal industries locally and overseas.

Sick of feed wastage, fussy eaters or poor drinkers? Tired of wasting time and money preparing food your horse or farm animals won’t eat? NRG Stockgain is ideal for pouring over feed, masking powders or adding to drinking water.

NRG Stockgain has changed the way Australia feeds not only their horses, but other farm animals as well. This clever feed additive is loaded with vitamins, micro and macro minerals and salts to provide a dose of quality nutrition while helping owners win the battle with fussy eaters and drinkers.

NRG Stockgain is extremely versatile
• Save money by adding NRG Stockgain directly to any dry feeds to improve digestion and reduce wastage. Pour directly over hay or dry fodder to maximise consumption.
• Mask powders and medicines with the sweet taste of NRG Stockgain for a hassle-free dosage. Pre-mix before adding to feed.
• Add small quantities to water to encourage fussy drinkers or mask poor tasting water sources. Particularly when travelling away with horses, where water quality may be unreliable or taste different.
• Re-hydrate quickly after heavy exercise by adding NRG Stockgain to water for greatly improved consumption, encouraging them to drink more, improving quicker cell re-hydration and kidney health.

Take a look at our NRG Cookie Recipe which uses our NRG Apple Cider Vinegar and NRG Stockgain


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Nutritional Info

Backstrap Molasses Seaweed Yeast
Apple Cider Vinegar Vitamins Copper
Selenium Calcium Salts
Crude Protein Min 5.4%
Total Carbohydrates Min 4.2%
Crude Fibre Max 9.6%
Apple Cider Vinegar Min 3% Vitamins
Vitamin A (Retinol) 25000IU / 100ml
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 5000IU / 100ml
Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopherol) 100mg / 100ml
Copper 11mg / 100ml
Sulfur 100mg / 100ml
Cobalt 0.2mg / 100ml
Selenium 0.37mg / 100ml
(.097mg/100ml natural and 0.278mg/100ml added selenium as sodium selenite)
Calcium 9500ppm Chloride 3%
Ash 14.7% Thiamine (B1) 0.6mg
Phosphorus 900ppm Riboflavin (B2) 0.65mg
Manganese 95ppm Pyridoxine (B6) 1mg
Magnesium 6200ppm Pantothenic Acid 0.25mg
Iron 285ppm Folic Acid 0.4mg
Boron 5ppm Niacin 8.5mg
Molybdeum 3ppm Sucrose 27%
Zinc 14ppm Total Amino Acids 2200mg
Iodine 4ppm Lystine 4mg
Potassium 4.4% Methionine 1.8mg

Feeding Guide

Companion Horses 100ml
Lactating Mares 200ml
Pregnant Mares 200ml
Working Horses 200ml
Foals 50ml
Ponies 50ml
Cattle 200ml
Calves 20ml
Sheep 25ml
Dogs 10ml
Goats 25ml
Birds Live weight x number of birds at 10ml per 45kg
Other 10ml per 45kg bodyweight
Suggested Feeding Instructions


Pour recommended amount of NRG Stockgain liquid sweet feed directly onto feed and mix thoroughly.

Or you may prefer to add recommended dose to small amount of warm or cold water prior to mixing through feed.


Add NRG Stockgain to water when travelling away from home. Many horses dislike the change of taste in water when travelling away. We suggest introducing this method at home in a drinking bucket prior to departure. They will soon be looking for it each time you offer them a drink from their bucket. This will mask the varying water tastes and provide the extra goodness of NRG Stockgain.


Over the years, many owners who have not introduced NRG Stockgain to their horses’ water before an event, often find they will tuck up in a new environment. Consequently, for a fast response, drench with NRG Stockgain; add 10% water to recommended feeding amount of NRG Stockgain for easier syringing into mouth.

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