Fussy Drinkers

Fussy Drinkers

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Sometimes, drinking is just NOT an option. It’s a necessity!

Rehydrating your horse can often be a critical exercise and it is important to make sure there is more than just fluid being replaced.

Essential salts and minerals are also required as part of a quality re-hydration strategy.


  • Add NRG Apple Cider Vinegar for antibiotic function, improved digestion,  increased joint function, balanced pH levels, preventing arthritis, improving joint flexibility, cleansing the digestive tract, oxygenating the blood, improving the appetite
  • Add NRG Garlic & Apple Cider Vinegar for antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic properties, stimulate the immune system, assist with respiratory problems, healthy skin, healthy hair, easing joint problems, protection against biting mosquitoes and flies , helping reduce worm counts


Immediately following a physically demanding workout or competition event, it is essential to give your horse the right fluid and mineral intake to rehydrate cells and improve blood circulation.

By adding a small dose of NRG Stockgain to a bucket of water, your horse will enjoy the taste and is highly likely to drink a larger amount than normal.

So if your horse needs to re-hydrate fast, add NRG Stockgain to a bucket of water and be confident your horse is re-hydrating properly with all the necessary minerals and salts.


When travelling away from home, there is no guarantee of a quality supply of drinking water for your horse.

If you need to make sure your horse is drinking properly before and after an event and are unsure of the quality or supply of water on hand, simply add a dose of NRG Stockgain to the water bucket a week before the event.  The horse will soon enjoy the sweet taste.

When travelling away and using poor quality water, simply keep adding a small amount of NRG Stockgain to the away water and your horse will not know the difference.


If you want to include a range of health benefits to your horse’s drinking habits, then there are a range of NRG products that can be added to water to boost the immune, gut, skin, joint and overall health of your horse.

  • Add NRG Stockgain for a rich micro/macro mineral and salt addition for smart cell rehydration