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Mane & Tail Detangler

Australia’s favourite ‘No Fuss’ Mane and Tail detangler and conditioner spray.

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Mane & Tail Detangler

Key Benefits
• Use on mane, tail and coat
• Save time and frustration, just spray & groom
• Trusted hair detangler and conditioner that works
• Water-based with no harmful chemicals
• Non oily finish

Australia’s favourite ‘No Fuss’ Mane and Tail detangler and conditioner spray.

Gone are the days wasting hours of time pulling manes and wrestling with tangled hair and tails. Save time and frustration by using Australia’s widely recognised hair de-tangler and conditioner – NRG No-Nots. This water-based grooming solution is free from harmful chemicals, simple and easy to use, and doesn’t leave an oily finish on the coat or on you!

Simply spray NRG No-Nots into manes and tails making sure all areas have been covered with the solution. Then simply groom the hair with a light brush and comb. For longer lasting applications, spray hair with No-Nots and leave for 2 minutes before grooming as this will allow the hair to absorb the spray and ensure the strands are easier to groom.

Cleaning up your horses’ coat is also easy with NRG No-Nots. Just spray onto the muddy patches and watch as the dirt and grime is lifted away with each brush. Regular grooming with No-Nots will keep hair soft and manageable making it easier to care for your horse and save you time.

TIP: To help avoid rug rubs; spray NRG No-Nots over likely rubbing areas on horse before rugging.

Let NRG No-Nots take the chore out of grooming!

13 reviews for No-Nots

  1. Angela-Jade Thomsen – Xhalt Salute (store manager)

    NRG No-Nots has been my absolute savour when it comes to owning and showing a Friesian. I never groom or go to a competition without it.

    I could not recommend this product enough, it’s a must have in all show kits.

    Jodie is also lovely to deal with and such a huge support in the equestrian community.

    NRG Team No-Nots Review Angela-Jade Thomsen

  2. Bec

    An absolute necessity in any grooming kit! With an ‘international tail’ No-Nots is one product my mare can’t go without!

  3. Erin Furlonger

    I have been using No-Nots for over 8yrs now and to say I could not live without it is an understatement!! I own three Andalusians who have a mare and tail that would be unmanageable without this product. It is my go to for daily maintenance or managing a tangle, if I could choose only one grooming product No-Nots would be it!

  4. Kirsty

    Perfect for my friesian who has a huge thick tail with a curl. Can’t touch it until I spray with no- nots and the I get so many comments about her amazing tail.

  5. Peta Dickson

    This stuff makes my life much easier…I have a chronic pain condition which makes simple chores like brushing out manes very difficult … and have ended up in hospital from the pain !! This literally melts the knots away making these jobs quicker and so less painful … for me a definite win 💙💛💚💜❤ thank you

  6. Charlotte

    Absolutely love No-Nots!
    It’s definitely an essential item to have in your grooming kit! It makes brushing out manes and tails so easy and my horses look incredible!

  7. Kerry

    Great product! Keeps the tail knot free and nourished. I spray with No-Nots a few times a week and keep the tail in a tail bag; keeps it looking super.

  8. Hayley Macpherson

    Love No-Nots! My paint mare has been blessed with a beautiful but extremely fine mane and tail, I don’t touch it without using No-Nots first, it saves from losing any unnecessary mane and tail and keeps it healthy.

  9. Taya Kellas

    We use this product all the time at the stables and shows. It’s the best for brush out manes and knotty tails. It makes them so soft too.

  10. Chanele Hunter Cooke

    My Product MUST HAVE!
    While No-Nots is amazing for my competition prep, I use this in the winter months the most. I spray on my horses shoulders before rugging and repeat every few days to prevent shoulder rubs. I also spray on the bottom part of the mane when my horses are in combos. No-Nots is a game changer in helping to prevent the mane from falling out.

    Image #1 from Chanele Hunter Cooke
  11. Amanda Bettesworth

    We swear by No-Nots when grooming our horses at Lincoln Park Horse and Human Rehabilitation Centre (SA). It makes combing and brushing tangled manes and tails very easy.

  12. Teegz

    I use this product on my Alaskan malamute dogs.
    Brings their coat up a million bucks and less fights when it’s brush time, especially when they both shed 😃😃
    Absolutely recommend this product to long coat dog owners!

    • Jodie Rouget (store manager)

      Hi Teegz, Thank you for sharing your results with us. Alaskan Malamutes would certainly require plenty of grooming and great to hear Doggie No-Nots makes your job easier!

  13. jackie

    I have a teeny tiny pocket rocket who has the most awesome mane and tail (mane past his knees) and No Nots is an unreal product for keeping everything in tip top show condition. A staple in my grooming kit.

    • Jodie Rouget (store manager)

      Hey Jackie, Wow, that’s a long mane to nurture! So happy to hear NRG No-Nots is a stable staple for you!

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Save time and frustration
Trusted hair detangler and conditioner
Water-based with no harmful chemicals
No oily finish
Use on mane, tail and coat


Water Based
Natural Oils
Lavender Oil
Emulsified Silicones

This formula has not been altered in over 35 years and to this day, there have been no reports of adverse reactions to humans or animals whilst using this product.

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