• We’ve been manufacturing quality NRG products for 40 years from our factory in the Yarra Valley.

• Our experience and insight during this time has given us a deep understanding of what our customers want which is value for money, a product that is made with care plus a product that stands up to the demands of a tough environment and uses only the best ingredients

• Whether it is Stockgain, No-Nots or Apple Cider Vinegar, we continually test all of our products on our own and Ambassadors horses, ensuring they will meet your expectations.

• When you use an NRG Team product, you’re using locally sourced ingredients that supports Australian farming and manufacturing. We take great pride in our range.

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3 hours ago

The NRG Team
Just a reminder when you bring your horses and ponies in over the weekend to give their legs a good hose down. Check over lower limbs carefully, particurlary around the feathers where a build up of mud can hide unwanted sores. They hide well, so look closely! ... See MoreSee Less
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19 hours ago

The NRG Team
“Horses are so expensive”We agree, they cost us a lot every day. Horses cost you your selfishness. Having horses means every day you are alive you must consider someone’s needs before your own, multiple times a day. Even when you’re away from them arrangements must be made, this builds character and gives us self-worth. Horses cost you your ego. Right when you think you have it figured out, you will undoubtedly be presented with a humbling experience either in the arena or out. They will force you to reach out for help when your expertise is maxed out. If you are wise, you will realize life is like this too. Maybe we should reach out for help more frequently and we would get further. Horses cost you your laziness. You will never progress with an equine partner by leaving it turned out, just as you will never progress by staying checked out. Do the work and you will get somewhere. Horses cost you your heart. They never fail to find a way to touch us deep within even (and especially) when we are feeling cold to the ways of the world. There’s something special about getting to interact with a being that becomes softer when we soften. We should learn to respond to one another similarly. Yes, horses are so expensive. But everything they’ve ever cost me has also made me!Author unknown ... See MoreSee Less
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We were recommended to try NRG Doggie No-Nots to groom our two Moodles, who get very knotty. I have now been using Doggie No-Nots on our Moodles once a week for a few weeks and have seen terrific changes. The knots are easy to remove, the gentle fragrance stays on them for days and they are super shiny and smooth. Our dogs no longer get annoyed with us when we brush them, this product has been fantastic and knowing we don’t upset our little ones when they get brushed is very comforting. We highly recommend NRG Doggie No-Nots for grooming your dogs.

Chantelle/Canberra, ACT

After winning a bottle of NRG No-Nots 30 years ago, I have been using it on my horses ever since. NRG No-Nots really gets through the tough conditions including clay and ringlets; real business with minimum or no hair loss. Leighridge Equine Facility has been operating for 25 years and we use NRG No-Nots on all our horse’s manes, tails and shoulders to avoid rug rubbing. Even our Border Collies get No-Nots pampering! For me, riding and teaching are my priority and NRG No Nots helps here by creating less grooming time with professional results.

Helen Frangez/Leighridge Equine Facility

We love, love LOVE the NRG product range, and find the No-Nots detangler is our favourite product. Our children use this after every horse washing on tails, manes and forelocks to give a silky-smooth finish that is easy to plait. Even our 6-year-old daughter can help with washing and grooming with thanks to NRG No-Nots. The scent is also pleasing and not overpowering for her. We have found using NRG Proplaits to prepare our horses the night before a show means we can rest easy and are ready in the morning to get up and go. NRG products have transformed our horses and make our time at shows so much more enjoyable knowing we are ready and prepared ahead of time so we can enjoy watching the children, confident their horses look their best.

Laura Salkeld/Tamworth Junior Riding & Pony Club NSW

On behalf of Pinjarra Horse and Pony Club, I can't thank Jodie and the team at NRG enough for supporting our club over the years!!! They are always happy to come on board with prizes and gift bags for our shows and it makes the show so special when every young rider can receive a prize! As a long term user of NRG products myself, I love that I can award these products at shows, sometimes to first time users, and know that they will also love the products!

Shanae Tilbee/Pinjarra Horse and Pony Club WA

Thank you for sponsoring the HRCAV rings at Barastoc Horse of the Year Show. I was a lucky competitor, winning the Champion Mount Most Suitable for my level riding Wattlewood Huckleberry Hound. Along with this award came the NRG prize bag, including some amazing NRG No-Nots. In preparation for this show, we used NRG Proplaits and NRG GlossArena and proving their brilliance, we won Champion Smartest on Parade! Thank you once again for your sponsorship, benefiting Biddlesden Park EC, competitors and our community.

Fiona/Koo Wee Rup ARC

We have been using NRG’s Pink Nose for the past two years on our Miniature Chestnut Appaloosa Puzzle Pieces Hasta La Vista Baby aka Arnie. Since Arnie has a pink Appy nose that shows his true colours we find NRG’s Pink Nose is the only product we can put on under show gloss that helps with him in our Hot Qld Summer sun that doesn’t cover up his colours. Pink Nose also helps us in the weeks following shows, where he has been shaved, by protecting his nose from sunburn when he is out in the paddock. This is a great product that protects and soothes and the best thing about it is it stays on.

Lesley/Pure Paws

Dear NRG Team, As an enthusiastic dressage competitor, I have never been good at plaiting but with NRG Proplaits the end result is always beyond acceptable. Thank you for making my job easier NRG. Our club TVEG is always grateful to you for your support each year when we hold our Power of Pink Dressage Day, raising much needed funds for Breast Cancer.

Angela Beresford/Tweed Valley Equestrian Group

Hi Boyce and Jodie, Thanks again for your support with NRG prizes and showbags for our Master’s Games Ring yesterday. Many comments were made about what great sponsors you are – and it is noted that you do a lot of sponsorship not only for us but for so many events throughout Australia. Favourite products discussed on the day were NRG Stockgain and NRG Proplaits. My new favourite is NRG GlossArea, with that special “smell”! I actually took my mare out and did some led classes receiving ‘Best Presented’, we also received a silver in a large BP Mare class; yes, it was Winter Woollies but your NRG GlossArena still worked! Thanks again

Shelly Murcutt/President SPPHAV Inc

Hi Jodie, Thank you for sponsoring the 2018 Horsewear Australia Interschool State Championships. I was lucky enough to place this year on both my beautiful horses, Diamonte Noir and my homebred, Kittani Zarkana. I received some beautiful prizes sponsored by you. I was lucky enough win some NRG Stride Hoof Dressing and NRG GlossArena. I have always used NRG Products, since I was little, I can’t remember a time when we haven’t used them. My pintos are prone to greasy heel, so we have always used the NRG Pro-tect cream and also the NRG Pink Noze in summer. We use NRG Stockgain when we travel interstate and for grooming I always use NRG Proplaits, NRG No-Nots and your newest coat shine, NRG GlossArena. They are amazing products. Thank you so much for your support of Interschools.

Natasha Moody, Diamonte Noir & Kittani Zakana

Dear NRG Team, Firstly I’d like to say a huge thank you for sponsoring Manilla Show! It kept entry fees down and many families were very thankful for it! I was lucky enough to win one of your prizes you sponsored for Champion Australian Riding Pony Mare 2018. I loved the T-shirt! I’m surely going to wear it everywhere I go and promote the NRG brand as much as I can! And all I can say is that everyone very much enjoyed their prizes and goodies! So, a huge thank you for sponsoring this year, It made everything so much easier! And we all hope you can sponsor Manilla Show again next year!

Ella Severin/Kamilaroi Charisma (Horse)


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