False Tail (English)

Attaching a False Tail (English)

What You Need

  • NRG No-Nots
  • False tail
  • Rubber bands
  • Tail brush
  • Blunt Forceps

Before You Start

  • Ensure your false tail is clean
  • Spray with No-Nots and brush clean if the tail is not in good condition


Once you have attached the false tail, spray
both tails with NRG No-Nots for extra shine
and lustre.

NRG No-Nots can also be sprayed onto your horse’s
shoulders to prevent rubbing from rugs.

Spray the tail with NRG No-Nots and brush out the hair to separate the strands.

Find the end of the tailbone and separate the tail hair into two large sections with
the middle of the tail bone in between both tail sections.

Gather together a small 1cm section of hair from one side of the tailbone and a small 1cm section of hair from the other side.

Note: When you have this section of hair, the parting of the hair around this section will appear like a circle. This end section of hair that grows out of the bottom of the tailbone will form the base of your plait.

Place a rubber band around the rest of the tail to keep it away from your tailbone

Divide the tailbone hair section into three pieces and begin a very firm plait for an
approx. length of 15cm.

Apply two bands at the end of your tailbone plait.

Collect your false tail and forceps. Insert the blunt forceps through the base of
the plait.

Clasp the top loop of the false tail with the forceps and pull back through the top of the plait.

Insert the forceps through the exposed loop of the false tail.

Clasp the bottom of the plait hair at the rubber band, then pull the plait back through the exposed loop of the false tail.

Attach two rubber bands to the plait and the false tail to secure together.

Undo the plait holding the remaining tail hair.

Brush out the tail and false tail hair together to blend.

Trim the remaining natural tail hairs to match the length of the false tail.

Ideally, tail length should not exceed the chestnut markings.

To remove the false tail, simply remove the two bands holding the two tails.

Carefully cut the two bands on the tailbone plait.

Undo the plait and slide the false tail off, then brush the horse’s tail to finish.