Shield Cream

Shield Cream

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The hot, dry windy conditions of an Australian summer can lead to many skin problems with sensitive pink and white skin.

NRG Pink Noze was developed as a stay on shield cream for horses in these harsh conditions.


Do NOT need to apply every day.

Every 2-3 days for application works effectively.




Poor Jake suffering from sun and wind burnt skin plus some irritations from grass seeds.

Apply NRG Pink Noze, using the supplied sponge, to sensitive and affected skin areas including the nose, lips, ears, eyes, under the tail or other affected areas.

Apply enough to cover the affected area with a uniform blanket of NRG Pink Noze cream.

The cream will be a visible layer and does not need to be rubbed in.

Leave for several days then reapply.

Note: If your horse is prone to rubbing or wearing a nose flap protector or loose halter, then more applications may be necessary.