Chanele Hunter-Cooke

Chanele Hunter-Cooke

Position: Elite Show Rider
Chanele Hunter-Cooke:

If you were to follow Chanele Hunter around for a week you would realise after the first few hours that to be a successful show horse competitor, you must have dedication and you must manage your time. And keeping up with Chanele would be a challenge in itself. She is indeed the very definition of a hard worker!

When she is not working at her day job, you can find Chanele training her young ponies or putting in some last minute preparation with one of her more seasoned mounts for an upcoming show. And to her credit, whether it’s a local event or a national title, Chanele’s preparation is always of the same high quality. She often says she can’t cope without her NRG Proplaits to make plaiting a breeze and her steeds are always putting their best hooves forward with a nourishing coat of NRG Stride.

Her riding ponies are always immaculately presented. Perfect sheen throughout their coat, plaits meticulously maintained and holding perfectly, and a level of polish across her equipment and clothes that is always exceptional. And this is reflected in her achievements. Show Horse Council Victoria’s Champion Small Hack of the Year, Victoria Agricultural Show’s Rising Star Large Pony of the Year, and the Equestrian Victoria Newcomer Pony 12-13hh at the EV Horse of the Year Show just to name a few.

And at the end of a busy day, Chanele’s work doesn’t end. Her Ponies come first and are always treated to a Stockgain inspired meal and drink at the end of their competition.

The NRG Team is proud to be associated with Chanele and will always look to her for feedback and comments on how a horse product can make her competition life that much easier.