Katie Beresford

Katie Beresford

Position: Team Penning, Arena Sorting, Campdrafting & Veterinary Nurse

“Growing up on my family property in rural NSW allowed me to have the greatest of childhood experiences. Working with a variety of both small and large animals, raising lambs, calves and being on foal watch inspired me into my career as a veterinary nurse.

Knowing from the start that this was my passion, I am now happily living on a large sheep and cattle property with my partner, helping on the farm alongside my full-time job.

I started off doing some courses through school alongside my HSC including Certificate II & III Animal studies, Certificate III Animal Companion Services, and Certificate III Agriculture. I went on to study in Goulburn where I completed my certificate IV in vet nursing. Previously working with small animals, I am now specializing in the equine industry.

As a young rider, I was a competitive show/dressage rider as figured this was ‘much safer’, although deep down I always had a passion for cow sports and sporting! I had a bad fall many years ago which led to having a back operation last year where it was finally fixed. After the operation, I was left with some tissue damage and I was unable to ride as regularly. I now have a saddle custom made to fit my back requirements making it possible for me to ride much more often and almost pain free!

I have actively been competing in cow sports for a few years with my young horse Ariat and my trusty companion Rusty.

My horses:

“Ariat” is a 5yo Australian Stock horse bred by the Tallowwood stud in Port Macquarie with Glen Lee Rivoli Lines. Bought completely green and just broke, she is now actively competing in ASH show classes, camp drafts and team sorting events. Ariat has proven herself to be a strong addition to my team. Ariat’s favourite product is NRG Pink Nose as she has a pink nose! This is one of the only products I find that truly works and does not give her skin irritations!

“Rusty” is my trusty, older steed, whom I’ve had since I was 11 years of age. Together we have accomplished dressage, eventing, cow sports, stockman’s challenges, sporting, pony club, mounted games and many other disciplines. We have such a strong bond which will never be broken. Rusty’s favourite product is defiantly the NRG Stockgain. He is an extremely fussy eater, so this ensures his breakfast and dinner is always tasting their best!

My dear old show/ dressage horse “Charlie” is a 17.1 hh Trakehner gelding who is now being ridden by my sister Jessie. She competes him in novice/elementary dressage.

My whole team love the NRG Gloss Arena, NRG Stride Hoof Dressing and NRG No Nots!

Alongside my equine crew, you’ll often see me with my faithful blue heeler x dingo “Bindi”. She is the guard dog of the house, horse float and me. A great companion and working dog!

With my full-time job at the equine hospital I also run my own poultry business, breeding different varieties of poultry. I love to use many of the NRG products to help with my chickens and guinea fowl’s overall health! Their favourite product would have to be the NRG Apple Cider Vinegar and the NRG Garlic Apple Cider Vinegar. The NRG Garlic ACV helps with the combat of the natural Coccidiosis bacteria found in all poultry by keeping the chickens insides flushed, healthy and free of worms. It is the perfect preventative. The Apple Cider Vinegar is an acid, so the acid in the gut creates an unpleasant environment for the coccidiosis to grow in the chicken, and the garlic aids in worming the chicken.

The best thing about this product is there is no withholding period for eggs.

My overall favourite NRG Product might honestly just have to be this whole brand!

Fantastic products, fantastic prices!”