NRG Protect Cream A Winter Track Room Must Have

NRG Team Pro-Tect Cream Perfect For Winter

NRG Pro-tect Cream first came about as Boyce had a horse prone to greasy Heal. He sought help from his Irish heritage, developing a cream from an old Irish recipe.

With some tweaking, he created our formula, brought up to date with Australian ingredients and soft enough to soothingly apply.

Experience and knowledge do count! Growing up on a farm in Ireland, Boyce has first-hand experience of constant wet and muddy conditions. Passed down through generations was a tried-and-true recipe that assisted with conditions such as rain scald and greasy heal for their equine friends.

Feedback over the years tells us that the soft NRG Pro-tect Cream is gentle to apply on these tender areas.

We have also learnt that it is better NOT to remove the scabs as this can further irritate the affected area and your horse’s disposition.

Mud fever, greasy heel, rain scald and Queensland itch all love moisture and constant wet conditions. Being an oil-based cream, NRG Pro-tect Cream is a very suitable barrier option, restricting water and mud from entering the hair and skin.

Some reassurance: keep a tub of NRG Pro-tect Cream in your tack shed, keep your eyes peeled in the wet, muddy conditions and be sure to safeguard against fast growing skin irritations before they develop further.

NRG Pro-Tect


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