NRG Bitter Tails

We have a BIG SURPRISE for horses that chew tails!

NRG Bitter Tails will surprise and deter those persistent tail munchers!!!!

With only creams, pastes and greases to help discourage foals and young horses from eating tails and manes, we were encouraged to be innovative and create something simpler to apply.

We were approached by some well-established pre-training stables who were having difficulties with foals and young horses constantly eating their mothers and paddock companions’ tails. They were using products on the market that were sticky and difficult to remove without washing and constant grooming. Stable managers proposed a request to develop a water-resistant liquid spray that ensures the tail remains easy to groom but with a terrible, bitter, yuck, taste.

So here we are, over twelve months on with our NEW NRG Bitter TAILS ready for release. Backed by two well know pre-trainers, who have helped us throughout the trial period, this product is going to be the redeemer of many manes and tails for breeding stables around our country.

NRG Team Bitter Tails

NRG Team Bitter Tails

NRG Bitter Tails has the Yuck, Bitter taste but is still safe to use and will not return a positive swab. It has a fluorescent green appearance, showing where you have sprayed, which disappears after a few minutes of spraying. The oils in the product assist with absorbing the Bitter Taste into the tail, which will not disappear with grooming. Bitter Tails will not dry out the tail and will groom as normal with NRG No-Nots.

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